September 19, 2017

GMS Students Have a Big Heart for Hurricane Victims

As Hurricane Harvey was unfolding on the news, Grace McWayne 5th-grader Bradyn Martinson was talking to his mom about starting a fundraiser at school to help those who were impacted. She really liked the idea and encouraged Bradyn to put his idea into action. She e-mailed his teacher Sandra Lundgren who suggested that Bradyn reach out to the school principal, Jeff Modaff.

“Me and a couple of my friends e-mailed Mr. Modaff,” said Bradyn, and added that they weren’t nervous about taking that step.

Like Mrs. Lundgren, Mr. Modaff loved the idea and helped Bradyn and his fellow classmates craft a plan. They set a goal to raise $1,000 for the American Red Cross and decided to promote it to parents through school newsletters and to students via student-driven morning announcements and posters. They also came up with a prize for the class that raised the most money—an extra recess!

“All of my classmates were super excited to help,” said Bradyn. “They said, ‘Oh, I want to help with posters, collect money, write morning announcements, and this and that.'”

Each day, Bradyn and his classmates were in charge of picking up donations from each classroom, counting the money, recording it, and writing an announcement for the next morning with collection totals and words of encouragement.

Within five days of the campaign, more than $900 was raised. Although the class competition was only supposed to last five days, the students wanted to keep taking donations to meet their $1,000 goal. Within six days, donations reached $986.70, and on the seventh day, the $1,000 goal was exceeded.

“One student donated $50 of his own money,” said Bradyn.

A few of the students wanted to make one final poster to show how the whole school came together in time of need, so kids who made a donation of any size were invited to sign a poster at lunch.

“As you can imagine, it filled up quickly,” said Mrs. Lundgren.

“It was so nice to see the whole class come together to work on this fundraising effort,” said Mrs. Lundgren. “Such a great experience for them!”

Way to go Grizzlies!